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Empathic Pastoral Care Solutions equips women and men to be more effective listeners,
making an all-too-rare empathic connection with another human being. When an in-depth
connection is achieved, and persons feel heard, accepted, and less isolated.

This is a unique human experience.


Within the range of human interactions, from casual to professional, this training
provides concrete guidance to make the conversation more life-giving for the recipient of our listening skills. 
EPCS provides solutions to the painful dis-connect

with persons who seek to be heard.








Denice S. Foose, BCC, MBA

A visionary leader and emotionally intelligent Certified Chaplain with extensive experience in faith-based hospitals and for-profit business enterprises. Integrates a unique blend of deep spirituality, entrepreneurial outlook, and business acumen. Currently directs a large diocesan-wide pastoral care program for multiple healthcare settings, involving numerous Catholic Priests, scores of trained caregiving laity, and several administrative personnel. In addition, gives leadership to in-depth educational programs to equip the laity for caring ministry. This innovative ministry and educational initiatives have gained regional and national recognition from several catholic bishops and the National Association of catholic chaplains.


Denice is the Owner and Chief content Developer at Empathic Pastoral Care Solutions. She is a Board Certified Chaplain and serves as the Director of the

Catholic chaplain Corps for the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. She is the recipient of the National Association of Catholic Chaplains 2020

Distinguished Service Award.


Rev. Theodore M. Smith, D.Min.

Recently retired United Methodist minister with almost 40 years in professional hospital ministry as a chaplain and pastoral educator in four faith-based hospitals. In addition, many years were devoted to providing administrative and strategic leadership for two large chaplaincy departments. Now giving focused attention to a long-standing passion currently serves as the primary faculty person for the Pastoral Care Institute, a major educational program in pastoral care ministry for laity in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. A published author of several articles in professional journals and speaker at regional and national conferences continued writing and teaching in lay training remain a professional commitment.


Ted is the Chief Training Instructor and Assistant Content Developer at Empathic Pastoral Care Solutions. and he is an ordained United Methodist Minister. Ted is both a retired ACE Certified Educator and Board Certified Chaplain.

What is Empathic Pastoral Care Solutions?

What is EPCS?

EPCS is an individual or group-based educational process designed to strengthen a person’s ability to make meaningful connections to persons in a variety of settings through empathic listening.  To achieve this broad goal, EPCS has produced videos and a companion notebook to describe practical skills and explain important theoretical material.  A Question-and-Answer section follows each session to reinforce essential points.  EPCS is built upon a “learn-by-doing” educational philosophy and therefore encourages all participants to actively engage in empathic conversations and to seek consultation with more experienced colleagues to deepen one’s growth. 

I answered the call to work in pastoral ministry but felt lacking to be an effective as I wanted to be.  I grew in countless ways through the courses with Denice Foose and Ted Smith.  Their real-life experiences coupled with their engaging teaching style gave me the confidence to incorporate empathic listening into my visits.  It was amazing how my interactions with patients and families reached new depths! Rather than going home from my hospital visits feelings tired and uncertain, I leave feeling energized and truly blessed.  Thank you, Denice and Ted!

Wendi Eubank, Pastoral Visitor, St. John Vianney Catholic Church, Houston, TX

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